Partnering with our clients to save on energy and utilities for future generations!

Here at Lundy, family is everything—both our family, and our family of clients. Since 1948 Lundy Plumbing & Heating has been a family-owned business—and we are now, happily, on our second generation, so you could say that plumbing & heating is in our blood. We treat our family (customers included!) with responsive care, friendly service—and relative-style pricing. 

Since our family of clients are our lives we truly go above and beyond—by intuitively knowing what our clients need, by assisting them in extending their products' lifecycle—and by helping them though tough or emergency situations. We offer total care and contracts for plumbing & heating systems, within the industrial manufacturing and food-processing facilities niche.


Whether your project is a new building being erected or a tenant space retrofit, Our Team Is Ready!  From our full estimating department to our men in the field, we have the experience to meet all your project needs on time and within budget.


The Lundy Plumbing & Heating Team has the qualifications and experience to work in your institution.  We are qualified to work in hospitals, schools and laboratories, from technical gas installations to washroom retrofits.


The foundation of our business has been the servicing of industrial manufacturing facilities. Our turnkey abilities include: compressed air lines, chilled water & process water installations and much more.